Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Dina and I'm a paleontologist-in-training! Currently working on my general sciences degree, but plan to head straight into paleontology as soon as possible!

I haven't been able to get out into the field yet (well, a real dig site at least. I used to dig for bones in my backyard as a kid, but I'm not sure I can use that on my resume) but I'm gunning for an internship with a crew of upperclassmen visiting the Hell Creek Formation the summer after I graduate. It will be my very first time working with a real team! On a real expidition! For real fossils! I'm unbelievably excited.

First, though, I have to make it through my courses :( Things are tough, but what's education without a good challenge? I'll put up with a dozen greasy computer science majors and write a million essays if it means I get to follow my dreams. That being said, I hope this is an adequate first entry! I have a paper due in a couple hours, and I'm five hundred words off the required word count, so I'll have to update this later!

Wish me luck!